SEED UV-1 RGP Contact Lenses

SEED UV-1 RGP Contact Lenses contains UV absorber that blocks ultraviolet rays by 80% or above for UVA and 90% or above for UVB.

What are ultraviolet (UV) rays

Sunlight consists of visible light and invisible light as shown in the illustration. Infrared light and ultraviolet light are different types of invisible light. Ultraviolet light has the shortest wavelength of all light that reaches the face of the Earth and can be further subdivided into three ranges, UVA, UVB, and UVC.

UV-C Absorbed by the ozone layer and does not reach the surface of the Earth.
UV-B Mostly absorbed by the ozone layer, but partly reaches the surface of the Earth.
Said to be a cause of skin cancer and certain eye disorders (photokeratitis, pterygium, etc.).
UV-A Least dangerous of all ultraviolet subdivisions, but can be a cause of skin aging (wrinkles, sagging, etc.).

Light transmission spectrum

The light transmission rates are measured using SEED UV-1 and a lens with no UV protection.

 UV Protection RGP Lenses SEED JAPAN

This series adopts a proprietary lens design that is comfortable on the eye and has good tear exchange.

Lens design of SEED UV-1
As shown in the illustration, the lens bevel forms a two-step curve, which reduces contact with the cornea, relieving discomfort. Keeping the bevel afloat also provides for good tear exchange.

Lens Design of SEED UV-1 RGP

  • SEED UV-1 is our own design for thinning the bevel portion.
  • SEED’s own design offers a nice feeling of wearing, helps tear circulation, and brings out excellent comfort


Product NameSEED UV-1 RGP Lens
ModalityDaily Wear up to 12 Months
Lens Materialsmethacrylate compound containing silicon, methacrylate compound containing fluorine,
Lens ColorBlue
UV ProtectionYES
Oxygen Transmittance (*Dk value)60 x 10-11 (cm2/sec) • [mL02 / (mLxmmHg)]
Centre thickness0.17mm @ (-3.00D)
Base CurveDiameter
5.00mm ~ 5.45mm (0.05mm step)7.5mm only
5.50mm ~ 5.95mm (0.05mm step)7.50mm ~ 8.20mm (0.10mm step)
6.00mm ~ 9.00mm (0.05mm step)7.50mm ~ 10.0mm (0.10mm step)
Power Range+ 25.00D ~ -25.00D (0.25D step)
Lens MarkingU1
Volume Per BottleSingle-lens in one bottle

*Dk value: The rate that oxygen can flow through a material

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