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ROSE K ™ is the single most frequently prescribed lens design for the correction of keratoconus and irregular cornea conditions in the world. All ROSE K ™ designs feature a simple, systematic fitting approach, a flexible edge lift system and aberration control aspheric optics that provide outstanding acuity, reduced flare and glare and minimum lens mass.

Menicon currently manufactures, distributes or licenses ROSE K ™ lenses in 90 countries worldwide. In Nepal Rose K family lenses is imported by Eagle Eye Ophthalmic Enterprises Pvt Ltd.


The ROSE K2™ keratoconus lens design is the most widely prescribed RGP keratoconus lens in the world. It has a multi-spherical posterior design with aberration-control aspheric optics across the back and front optic-zone diameters and is available in any toric lens design.

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ROSE K2 NC™ (Nipple Cone)

The ROSE K2 NC™ primary indication is for advanced and moderate nipple cones and for secondary applications for any defined nipple cone. The design characteristics concern a very small aspheric back optic zone diameter that decreases as the base curve steepens, and a very rapid peripheral flattening from the back optic zone.


ROSE K2 PG™ (Post Graft)

This lens is designed for postoperative recovery and for improvement in vision. It has a multi-spherical posterior design with some reverse-curve geometry and aberration-control aspheric optics across the back and front optic-zone diameters.



This lens design can be used for irregular corneas for which other designs have failed. It has a larger overall diameter, utilizes the same systematic fitting approach of the ROSE K2™ design, and has secondary applications for nipple and oval cones.



This corneo-scleral lens is used for keratoconus, PMD, post-surgical, and any irregular corneal condition that cannot be successfully treated by fitting a lens within the limbus. The ROSE K2 XL™ follows the same systematic fitting system that is advocated for the four other ROSE K2™ designs and is extremely easy to fit, even for fitters who have not fitted a corneo-scleral design before.

Semi-scleral design for almost all irregular corneas.

ROSE K2 XL does not rely on conjunctiva or sclera for total support. It rests primarily on the cornea, inside the limbus. This design allows for adequate tear exchange and provides good comfort to patients.

Aspheric back optic zone which decreases as BC steepens, front surface aberration control, precise edge lift control, and special features to tailor the lens to different needs.

Its standard diameter is 14,60mm, making it more suitable for decentered irregularities.

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ROSE K2 XL Oblate™

Introducing the ROSE K2 XL Oblate™. This newest option will give better sight and comfort to patients following grafts, photorefractive keratectomy, or laser surgery (LASIK) interventions. The lens can also be used for any oblate corneas that cannot be fitted within the limbus, including extremely flat corneas, when the tear layer thickness is excessively deep over the central cornea. Designed for daily wear, the lens mimics the shape of the oblate cornea. ROSE K2 XL Oblate™ uses the same simple, proven five-step fitting method common to all ROSE K™ designs. The design features an aspheric back optic zone, front surface aberration control, precise edge lift control and significant reverse geometry in all base curves which increases as the base curve flattens. The design helps the lens fit the patient’s eye more accurately.

The lens has a wide parameter range and customisation is enabled with options for toric peripheries, Asymmetric Corneal Technology, front, back and bi-toric designs, quadrant specific edge lifts and bifocal optics. As a corneo-scleral design, ROSE K2 XL Oblate™ provides less conjunctival pressure with increased tear exchange.


ROSE K2 SOFT™ design is a daily wear soft lens for irregular corneas, available as a three-month replacement lens when manufactured from silicone hydrogel materials and as a six-month or 12-month replacement lens when manufactured from hydrogel materials. The primary indications for its use are for those with an intolerance to GP lenses; new contact-lens wearers with irregular corneas; early to moderate irregular corneas; conditions where the environment may be unsuitable for GP wear; or for activities where a GP lens may be unstable, such as sport.

ROSE K2 SOFT™ uses the same simple, proven five-step fitting method common to all ROSE K™ designs. The design features an aspheric back optic zone, front surface toricity, and front surface aberration control for optimal visual acuity. Additionally, ROSE K2 SOFT™ offers precise edge-lift control, prism ballast stabilization, and reverse geometry for a trouble-free fit.

ROSE K2™ ACT and Other Special Options

The ROSE K2™ ACT is a design enhancement that can be applied to any of the ROSE K2™ designs. ACT (asymmetric corneal technology) enables the practitioner to specify a different posterior edge-lift in a specific quadrant of the contact lens (normally inferior) to that on the rest of the surface. The special options listed in the ROSE K2 XL™ Special Options below are available on all Rose K2™ designs except for the bifocal, which is only available on Rose K2 XL, Rose K2 XL Oblate and Rose K2 PG designs.

Corneal Topography and Rose K lens selection

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