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Color Contact Lens

We focus on the quality contact lenses, so our quality test will look for the best quality material, certification, sterility of contact lenses before importing in Nepal.  

Our premium color lenses were made by ICK Contact Lens which has been recognized as a leader in the global colored contact lenses market based on its own technology through continuous research and development. ICK Contact Lens patented the manufacture of UV protection and anti-bacterial contact lenses, and develops and produces colored contact lenses that make clear vision and create beautiful eyes.
Employees and researchers at ICK ContactLens make every effort to manufacture colored contact lenses for Eagle Eye Ophthalmic Enterprises that make consumers‘ eyes comfortable and healthy so they can wear them with confidence.

At Eagle Eye, we are committed to delivering excellence through our systematic quality control system. Our partnership with ICK ContactLens ensures that only thoroughly verified products reach our customers, adhering to a zero-defect production philosophy upheld through meticulous product inspections.

We prioritize the use of raw materials certified by esteemed regulatory bodies such as South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) and America’s FDA. Our dedication to your eye health is unwavering, reflected in our rigorous disinfection and sterilization management protocols.

Customer satisfaction lies at the core of our ethos. By meticulously analyzing diverse customer needs and market trends, we strive not only to meet but exceed expectations with every product we offer. At Eagle Eye, every member of our team is dedicated to touching the hearts of our customers, ensuring an unparalleled experience.

As an authorized importer of ICK Contact Lens products in Nepal, we proudly embrace this quality policy, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and service excellence to our valued customers.

Eagle Eye Color Contact Lens

In addition to our comprehensive range of products, we are pleased to offer cosmetic non-prescription color contact lenses. These lenses are designed to enhance the natural beauty of the eyes, providing a wide selection of colors and styles to suit every individual’s preferences.

Mist Grey Color Contact Lens in Nepal
Green Color Contact Lens in Nepal
Honey Color Contact Lens in Nepal
Spicy Grey Color Contact Lens in Nepal
Pure Hazel Color Contact Lens in Nepal
Blue Color Contact Lens in Nepal