SEED Breath-O Correct® Orthokeratology Lenses

SEED Breath-O Correct Orthokeratology lenses is first Orthokeratology lenses introduced in Nepal officially.


Our OK lens, called “Breath-O Correct” is made in Japan for Asian people. It has several remarkable features in its material and design. To control myopia progression, many of the OK lenses are prescribed for children. Since “Breath-O Correct” takes care of the eyes and has features that are easy to handle and durable, it can be said that “Breath-O Correct” is suitable for prescription to children.


Breath-O Correct material Dk/t 78 guarantees high-level safety for overnight lens wearer


The flexible material based on Toray’s original polymer technology.

The material retain strength and the lens bend flexibly in response  to impact from outside to prevent cracking.


  • Flouride containing methacrylate compound
  • Silicone containing methacrylate compound

durable test-01.png

* Note : The image is test purpose only. If you actually bend the lens, please don’t use for your eye.

Corneas of Asian people tend to be relative flatter than those of western people

cornea 2-01.png

Breath-O Correct specially designed for Asian people who corneas are flatter, shallower sagittal depth makes a wider optical zone

cornea 3-01.png

Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered


How many days will it take to get a stable unaided vision?

Although there are individual differences, unaided vision will improve gradually and become stable after 1 week in most cases.



How many hours do I need to wear the OK lenses at night?

At least 5 hours of sleep wearing Ortho-K lenses at night is recommended.

(Follow the instruction of your licensed practitioner as the time needed varies depending on the condition of the eyes)


How long is the lifetime of Breath-O Correct?

Same as a typical RGP lens(2years as a guide). Examination of the lens condition should be conducted at regular basis and the lens should be replaced as your licensed practitioner sees fit.


What are the colors available for Breath-O Correct?

Only blue is available. Distinguish left and right by looking at the marking(lens specifications) on the lens.



Is Breath-O Correct made from unique flexible material effective enough to reshape the cornea?

The safety and effectiveness of Breath-O Correct and its materials are validated through some clinical studies and the tests conducted in Japan.


How do I care for my lenses?

Chemically disinfect your lenses after every use(not heat). Consult your licensed practitioner for the lens care system that is best for you.

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