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Menicon 2-Week PremiO Contact Lens

Menicon PremiO MeniSilk & NanoGloss Technology

menicon premio bandage silicone hydrogel contact lens

Spanning more than 60 years of history. Menicon’s goal is to develop safe and effective contact lenses. For this purpose, the company’s R&D departments have focused for decades on developing hyper-oxygen transmissible contact-lens materials, as it is well known that this is one of the most important features for safe contact-lens wear. In 1979, the founder of Menicon, Mr. Kyoichi Tanaka, patented the first silicone hydrogel (SiH) material in the world for use in the manufacture of contact lenses.1In 2001, Menicon successfully launched the Menicon Z lens, which has the highest oxygen permeability of all gas-permeable lenses available worldwide and is the only one approved by the FDA for up to 30 days of continuous wear.

Menicon PremiO with MeniSilk and NanoGloss technologies. Menicon joins the few manufacturers in the world that distribute contact lenses made of this innovative material. The purpose of this article is to explain the unique features of the unrivalled Menicon PremiO silicone hydrogel contact lens.




Asmofilcon A

14.00 mm

Water Content

Base curve


8.60 mm

Center thickness0.08 mm (-3.00D)
Dk/t161 x 10-9(cm/sec) · (mLO2/(mL x mmHg))
menicon premio bandage lens

Therapeutic bandage lenses are used for certain acute and chronic ocular conditions such as corneal abrasion, recurrent corneal erosion, filamentary keratitis, post-surgical conditions, and even for ocular drug delivery.

Bandage contact lens use after photorefractive keratectomy

This study shows that SiH contact lenses can be used as an effective bandage after PRK due to the limited time requested for achieving complete corneal re-epithelialization. Asmofilcon A lenses provide faster and smoother epithelial healing in compari- son to Lotrafilcon B lenses.

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