Specialty contact lens training Nepal

Certification Training Webinar and Workshop in Specialty Contact Lens

SEED Co, Japan along with Eagle Eye Ophthalmic Enterprises with support from Matrika Eye Center and Eye Health Nepal is organizing a certification training webinar+workshop in Specialty Contact Lens practice to improve Specialty Contact Lens practice in the South Asian Region.


1. Certification from SEED Co, Japan

2. Learn how to fit Multifocal & EDOF Contact Lens

3. Learn to fit Orthokeratology Lens

4. Learn Myopia Management with specialty CL


9th July 2022 (12pm to 2 pm Nepal Time): Online Webinar with Experts of Specialty Contact Lens from SEED India, Malaysia & Vietnam which will be followed by a live hands-on workshop later in December 2022.

Please fill in the following details to participate in the certification program.


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